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  • The Sy.Rn Complex

    In the background of me doing #Dungeon23, I will be jotting down entries for an arcology for a cyberpunk setting. It will be called “The Sy.Rn Complex” This one won’t be as large as the dungeon one, but will be fun for me, nonetheless. I’ll log it under #Facility23.

  • Crypt of the Crawling King

    To the west, past the Great Sova River and through the Ambrose Forest, lies the towering Mournmark Mountains. A colossal ridge of stone and earth that acts as a border between two kingdoms. Few paths adorn these mountains making them difficult to climb. The scant paths that do exist are dangerous, for they are watched […]

  • Dungeon Master

    Spent this cold and rainy weekend working on some things for Dungeon23. I’m not working on rooms for the megadungeon yet, because I’m waiting to start on Jan 1st for that. But I do want to start the year running. So, while I’ve been collecting and deciding on which random generators I’m going to use, […]

  • Megadungeon 2023

    I saw a post online that I thought was pretty interesting. No, it wasn’t about how to cook a pot roast with Coke in an instant pot! The post I saw was someone’s idea to do a “Megadungeon” for 2023. 12 levels. 365 rooms. One room a day. I love the idea, and I think […]